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Bunda teachers' college is the government institute that provides knowledge and skills that prepares in service and pre- service student teachers in a holistic manner for real life.
Bunda Teachers' College empowers students to cope with the challenges of life and to exploit opportunities within their upbringing for the betterment of their own lives and that of their nation at large.
Bunda Teachers’ College provides education that aims at making one not only a knowledgeable and confident specialized but also a hard working, self-awareness person, full of morality and patriotism. With it's Cultural composition of staff and students, BTC is the home for students of all religions and denominations.

Our Objectives:

  • To enrich the surrounding society with well equipped teachers and who are acceptable globally.
  • To prepare teachers who are ready to transform the entire nation.


The college was inaugurated in 1980 and begun to offer Grade "A'' Certificate in 1984 and thus in 2004 the college was promoted to offer Diploma in Secondary education up to may 2015. The academic year 2014/ 2015 the Ministry of education (MOEVT) in collaboration with National council for technical education (NACTE) permitted the college to offer: 1. Diploma in Primary education ( In- service) 2. Diploma in Primary education ( Pre - service)


To provide quality teacher education to both pre - service and in service teachers.


To be an exemplary institution that provides educational services accepted by customers

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Bunda TC is Located in Mara Region, Bunda District in Tanzania. It is about 2 km from Bunda bus Stop along Musoma highway.

P.o.Box 01 Bunda
Telephone: +255 621 079 460
Others:+255 767 871 254
E-mail: bundatc@moe.go.tz